Enterpack ESK-250 & ESK-250XL Specification Sheet

Rotarary Skin Pack Sealing Machine

  • Increased shelf life up to 21 days
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Increased sales and reduced waste
  • Reduce leaking packs and returns
  • Clean, safe and hygienic


Width (at base)645mm1000mm
Width (including film)1050mm1435mm
Depth (at base)1100mm1150mm
Maximum tray size300 x 310mm565 x 340mm
Cycles per minute3-43-4
Electrical supply (max)6kw 1ph/3ph6kw 1ph/3ph

Fast, easy skin pack tray sealing machine

The ESK-250 is a rotary sealing machine for skin packaging, MAP (gas flush) and tray sealing. Its rotary turntable reduces the cycle time and optimises output. It allows for the loading and unloading of trays while the machine is completing its sealing cycle in the second chamber.

The optional addition of an automatic tray lifter is available for increased speeds and easier loading and unloading. The ESK-250 is fitted with an automatic film re-winder, with the addition of the optional I-Mark reader, printed film can be positioned perfectly over the trays being sealed. Packaging volumes of 12 skin trays, 16 MAP trays or 28 sealed trays are achievable per minute.

The touch screen controller allows easy monitoring of the machine’s parameters and programming of up to 99 different packaging programs. With a single set of tooling it is possible to skin pack, MAP pack and tray seal.

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