100% Leakproof trays

100% Leakproof Containers in Seconds
  • 100% leakproof counter top sealing solution
  • Wide range of materials and tray sizes
  • Perfect Presentation
  • Fully automatic - quick and easy operation
  • Hygienically seal huge range of food items

Full range of trays ideally suited to the delicatessen business

Whether it's a small round pot for olives, or a large pot for salads, we have the solution.

All trays can be sealed with either a strong weld film or an easy peel film. Both films are 100% leakproof, even if oil is left on the rim, the tray will still be able to seal due to the pressure exerted by the machine.

The sealing process takes only a few seconds and is fully automatic allowing you to give your customer your utmost attention.

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