Heat Sealing Machines
for Butchers

Professional heat sealed packaging for meat and poultry
  • Automated tray sealing machine.
  • Multiple sizes trays for various cuts of meat.
  • Compact and streamlined machine.
  • Versatile fresh food sealing system.
  • Simple to use.

Heat sealed food packaging for butchers.

Enterpack fresh food heat sealing machines are perfectly suited for the butchery industry. Compact, quiet and automated; our range of machines fit right alongside your existing equipment.

The versatility of the Enterpack system provides butchers and fresh food producers with a wide range of packaging options.

Whether you have the need for supermarket quality packaging, 2.5kg catering packs, a tray which could be used as a roasting dish, leak free transit trays or simply a small sauce pot, there will be an Enterpack solution for you.

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