Enterpack ESK-400 Specification Sheet

Complete Automatic MAP & Skin Packaging Machine

  • Skin Packaging, MAP & Tray Sealing
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Increased shelf life up to 21 days
  • Fantastic visual appeal
  • Clean, safe and hygienic
Maximum tray size400 x 275mm
Cycles per minute5‐6
Electrical supply (max)9kw 3ph

All-in-one Automated Skin Packaging and MAP Tray Sealing Machine

The ESK-400 is a fully automatic machine for skin packaging, MAP (vacuum and gas) and tray sealing. The ESK-400 can pack up to 28 skin trays, 32 MAP trays or 60 sealed trays per minute. Tooling changes take less than two minutes.

The touch screen gives the operator complete control of the machine and the ability to monitor every process.

A connectivity option allows remote monitoring of the ESK-400 with online diagnostics and advance notification of service issues.

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