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Enterpack machines make sealing food trays quick and easy.

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Enterpack - EHQ-1000 Inline Range

The Enterpack Inline range consists of two models one standard tray sealer and one with MAP (modified atmosphere packaging). Both models offer in-out conveyor style sealing of up to 4 trays at a time. EHQ-1000 is a standard tray sealer that welds a clear film to the top of the tray giving an air tight and water tight seal. EHQ-1000MAP operates in a similar way but with the added benefit of removing the air from the pack and replacing with an inert gas to extend shelf life and enhance presentation. Both machines are capable of sealing up to 25,000 trays per week. Both machines include free delivery*, installation, programming, commissioning and training we also include a low noise air compressor and gas regulating valves if necessary.

*UK mainland only

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