How Our Inline Tray Sealing Machines Work

Step 1
Machine On and Ready to Operate

Machine turned on, program selected and ready to operate

Step 2
Place Trays on Conveyor

Place trays on conveyor

Step 3
Trays Enter Secure Sealing Chamber

The trays enter the secure sealing chamber

Step 4
The Trays are Sealed

The trays are sealed either with or without gas and the film is trimmed

Step 5
Trays are gently removed from the machine

The sealed trays are gently removed from the machine

Step 6
Professionally sealed tray

Professionally sealed tray

How do our machines work?

Enterpack machines make sealing food trays quick and easy.

  • Compact and quiet operation
  • Quick and easy to use
  • On site demonstration available
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