Skin Packaging Sealing Machines

Compact, easy to use skin wrap sealing machines

Enterpack Skin Pack Tray Sealing

Enterpack Skin Pack tray sealing machines allow high quality, supermarket level, skin pack sealing that can fit the budget of most independent producers.

  • Increased shelf life up to 21 days
  • Products look crisper and fresher
  • Easy to open packaging but strong seal strength
  • Reduce leaking packs and returns
  • Clean, safe and hygienic
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Skin packing tray sealing machines

When you walk in to the meat and fish aisles of your local supermarket, you are likely to find cleverly wrapped steaks, chops, joints and fish fillets, appearing to sit on unwrapped food trays.

This illusion is created by stretching a crystal clear film around the product like a second skin. This gives the product fantastic visual appeal, crisper and fresher than other packaging methods.

Skin pack combines the presentation benefits of tray sealing and the enhanced shelf life of vacuum packaging. Enterpack now offers entry level systems that fall within the budget of most independent producers, previously only affordable to large manufacturers.

Customers are presented with an appetizing product that stands out from the rest. Producers benefit from; increased sales, longer shelf life, reduced waste and a clean, safe and hygienic finished product.

The skin pack method brings other advantages; packs are easy to open yet have a strong seal strength. The packaging is tamper evident, reducing the risk of leakage and returns. Packs can be displayed vertically without spoiling the presentation of the product inside.

Red meat products can have an increased shelf life of 14-21 days with a white fish increase of up to 8 days. Product can now remain in date over two consecutive weekends extending your sales opportunities. Meats can be marinated in the tray. Meat can also mature in-pack improving tenderness, taste and texture. The Enterpack skin system comprises machines, specially designed tooling and high quality trays and films.

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